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Prompted by reading deeper into the most excellent Larry Vickers 1911 article in Military Times (H/T Jump the Stack), I started messing about with the old 1943 Colt.  It justifies everything about my old gun, including 7-round magazines, but I am a bit concerned that this old warhorse has 1943 steel and all that that entails, that things wear out when they’re old…
Since I’ve been on something of a magazine hunt lately, a name popped up that I had to go take a look-at, Tripp Research.  They make a 7-round colt magazine with a follower that looks a LOT like the one on my Sig P220.  Woot!
This is the first time I’ve seen such a thing – anybody care to venture an opinion?
One of my older gun-club compadres has been going up to Susanville since the late 90’s and attending gunsmithing classes at Lassen College, and he’s going to take it to play with in Armorer’s School, and give it a quick and thorough cleaning…
He once had a match where he and Carlos Hathcock shot, he lost but he later beat him in smallbore.  They were shooting instructors in the same group at Annapolis.

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3 thoughts on “Old 1911 Stuff

  1. I love the cobra mags. Have a bunch for my various 1911s.

    I also like the mags that my Nighthawk custom came with. Got a bunch of them at a great price.


  2. I have Colt 7 and 8 round mags for my younger Brother Colt. I also have aftermarket Wolff mags that worked fine during my stay at BW. They have the bevel on the floorplate for mating with a magazine well that my Colt does not have, but they worked great and they DID get a workout!

    I do want to take some classes but they are hard to find around here for gunsmithing.

    For your benefit, a M1911 is not a complex thing, JMB was a genius!


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