Saturday Match

I get tired of lugging all this crap around, even with a wheeled cart. And you’re not seeing the scope-stand with the 20lb weight.

I shot on #3 – and can’t believe I shot well enough to break 400, this is a perishable skill. My off hand sucked with a measley 62.

It wasn’t hot, it just looks that way since the sun came out from underneath the clouds.  It was pretty mild.

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Down on the multi-purpose range below to the right, Alpha Dog Tactical was blasting away, having a rootin’ tootin’ shootin’ Basic Tactical Shotgun  training-day.
I drove by as I was leaving to see if Olav was there, but didn’t notice anyone of his stature.
LMS Pistol-1 is here next month, Jul 23-24, but I’m not sure about the $400 registration fee. The Lewis Awerbuck 2-day class isn’t until November, and costs $500.

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