John C. Garand Match Tomorrow

Tomorrow bright and early, rain or shine, is my club’s John C. Garand Match and bar-b-que, so I’m getting things ready and loading my range-bag. Between the re-model and the rain, and the rain and the pistol-focus, and holster after holster and more rain, I havn’t been to club events or shooting the Garand much – or the AR.

And it’s been raining the past three days – that never happens here. It’s June already. Usually (for the past thirty years) you could count on the rain being over and done-with by mid-May, and by the time this particular Match rolls around everyone is in shorts and t-shirts and the hills are dead-yellow, and it’s hotter than hell.
Oh well. Should be fun anyhow!! Boom! Boom! *Pa-Ting*!! Reload: boom, boom, boom, boom, etc. πŸ™‚
UPDATE: Rain-out, rescheduled for later, yet to be determined.
Seriously, you guys who want one just need to shoot practice and get scored with a CMP club. Click on the Find a CMP Affiliated Club link to find a club near you.Β  πŸ™‚

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