And Now We Are Six

Seven actually, there’s one in the  ’43.  The Brown Truck of Happiness made a delivery, and my magazine stand is full-er.
I’ve heard some negative stuff about Kimber 1911 quality control lately, but I kinda really-really hope it doesn’t extend to the magazines.
These are hella stout – and if I get another 1911 later with a funnel for a magazine chute, I can always put the humongous base-pads on them.

These are the Kim-Pro TacMags – 7-rounder like His Excellency JMB indicated and designed-for, and which fit the old ’43 best.
Fully loaded 8-round mags, even the ChipMcCormick, are hard(er) to seat and drag noticeably on the slide – at least I noticed it, so I’m just living with it as-is.
How many magazines are enough? 
So far I have these seven and a few more, including an original WWII Scoville and a Risdon – both of which operate and function perfectly, btw.  Not sure what I’m gonna do with the Chip McCormic 8-rounder, maybe give it to a friend with a modern gun that can handle it…

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7 thoughts on “And Now We Are Six

  1. I've been through a few different magazines that stove-piped and got rid of them.
    Since I am unable/un-allowed to CCW it's just about me and function, and these always work – and I like the design of the follower, it's easier to reload IMO.


  2. The point is to figure out which mags are reliable. Something you would be willing to bet your (and others) life on.

    For me, it is original Colt mags, with Mag-Pack Corp followers and springs. Unfortunately, Mag-Pack seems to have disappeared.



  3. B&N – They went on sale at Midway and so I had to get a couple more. The old, WWII factory mags fetch about $100 each and are reliable.

    Skip – If I remember, it's a deal!

    Will – Doh! There's an idea. 🙂

    GFA – I think the stainless would be hard to stamp, but I get what you're saying – my little CA-legal 10-round AR mags are numbered. And/but I'm not a carry-guy, can't do that here


  4. Wanna get really anal?
    Stamp numbers onto 'em, so you can keep track of magazine failures, and see which are carry mags, and which target fodder.
    'Jus sayin'


  5. I've never actually tried it of course, DirtCrashr, but you could always just load the Chip McCormick with 7 rds too! 😉

    I'm up to 8 Wilson Combat mags and 10 Chip McCormick's (and a few factory mags in the closet somewhere); no sign of shortage or limits yet, but I am beginning to allocate mags to designated purposes now (the Wilson Combats as carry mags and the CM's for regular range shooting).

    Enjoy that new gun.


  6. I was doing the mag count/inventory a couple days ago for my 1911 too.

    Probably will buy a couple more soon. Hooked on the Wilson 47d currently, though I have several McCormick mags that have been doing fine service as well.

    I've steered clear of the factory mags completely. Never fired a single round through either of them, though they'd probably work fine. I figured that there was probably a price point to meet with the pistol (a lower end Springer), so the mags were a natural place to skip on the quality. It's not a concern for me, for obvious reasons. Plenty of good stuff out there to be had, and good magazines for the 1911 aren't bad at all when compared to say, factory Beretta 92 mags, which are about two or three times the price of a Wilson for a 1911.

    Enjoy that '43, sir.


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