Tornado is an AirQuake, an upsdown Tsunami

I’m trying to come to grips with something that can tear, “a path a mile wide and four miles long destroying homes and businesses.”
An earthquake strikes unseen and from below in a fitful shaking, wrenching, slip-fold of the earth’s crust as it flexes its skin while asleep.
But this un-angelic Wind of Hell spawns in descent, spinning from angry turbulent clouds that roil across the surface, and mows a swath of destruction like an upside-down airborne tsunami casting houses and people aside.
My prayers go out to the folks of Joplin.

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3 thoughts on “Tornado is an AirQuake, an upsdown Tsunami

  1. Haji – I once turned-down a contract job in OK, they were gonna put me up on the 20+th floor of some building and I asked, “So I can see the tornado coming?”

    B&N – At least you have it, but it's connection not separation. Here in the SF BayAryanBurbs I believe we are more atomized, our connections are more external and by way of Taipei or Mumbai, by Paris, France – not Paris, Texas…

    God have mercy and kindness on those who lost family and children in Joplin.


  2. The six degrees of separation is becoming apparent to me in this disaster.

    One of my cousins is a nurse at St.Johns, which was hit directly…but she wasn't there when it all went down. She high-tailed it back on request for help with triage. Pretty bad stuff.

    A neighbor, who I run into often while walking the boy, his wife works at Children's Mercy Hospital (dedicated kids hospital, and a good one) here in town, said that they took in several from the many flights that landed there. He told me that none of the kids flown in made it.


    We're looking to get more of same here today and tomorrow.

    Oh joy.


  3. That description is spot on. I had a conversation with a local a while back, who asked where I was from. I replied with “Deepest, darkest SoCal”, they said “I couldn't stand all those earthquakes” to which I replied “Compared to tornadoes? All the earthquakes do is rock ya to sleep.” I hate this weather here.


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