Observations on the Governator Hoochie-Mama

Observation Basis Point, START: A friend/an acquaintance from the old Usenet newsreader days of rec.motorcycles.dirt – when we all got online after a weekend dirt-riding or Enduro racing and swapped moto-lies for the rest of the week – used-to be a Cop. Then (when I first got to know him) he was a PI, then finally during this recent conflict he was back in the Army training Iraqi Cops in the Sand.
Anyhow, his PI stories of tracking-down small-town East-Coast loved-lost-badly were one reason he joined the Iraqi-Cop-Training gig – he got seriously fed-up with the Human Element.
And the basis behind that was that the guys who cheated on their wives were usually successful businessmen with enough money for hookers – but with very lovely, pretty, spouses that most men would be proud to stand next-to. So why go off and do the nasty? And why, invariably, when he’d tracked down said Nasty Jexxzebel Luv-Thief, was she often a fat pig? UPDATE: Oops, that’s a judgment call.
Simply this: the often constant and frequent attention from Jexxzebel (usually someone close but un-suspected in the guy’s orbit) led to immediate and quick gratification – and secondly the He-hubris. Gettin’ away with it.
That’s what I see in this deal, besides the years of sadness and pain that a few seconds of moist, intangible, physical excitement deliver. But Arnold, sheesh man… He really strayed from the Hollywood Crowd of willing participants and hit on Teh Help. Not like John Edwards who was his own fantasy Barbie…

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