Musical Curmudgeonhood

Just Saturday, sitting in the “Cabo-Wabo-Something” – the Sammy Hagar bar at the Kahului, Maui airport enjoying a stiff Tropical Itch, I noticed I was eyelessly watching a silent slide-show of his legendary Sammy-ness on a 72-inch screen. Who?
It was like a kaleidoscope – visual excitement without being brain-engaging. I made a small note then, that I was barely acquainted with his work (he was the other big-hair blond-guy in Van Halen, right?) and recognized ZERO of the other obviously famous faces his mug was up next-to, plastered on-screen… Sheesh. Did I miss something? Obviously. And not-having kids, too.
Upon reflection it seems my musical-world interaction stopped or tapered-off severely sometime in the early 80’s – or branched so differentially and I simply stepped-off the pop-culture wheel somewhere after DeVo and New Wave – that whoever is common and known today is really a mystery to me. I seem to have achieved the fateful Nirvana of musical curmudgeon-hood. Is it because I entirely missed MTV? Cable TV?
I’ve *heard* of Linkin Park from the Noise-Machines, radio and TV or such, but never-ever listened to them. I’ve also heard (and even watched some episodes-of) South Park.
I think/I guess if they came on the radio I might change the channel as quickly as I changed anything on AM Radio that was mass-produced Bubblegum during the late 60’s/early 70’s. The music seems to strain towards Emo and wants to give me a slight headache, and I would be hard-pressed to recognize that there are lyrics involved.
*sigh* I am doomed.
It’s not that I appreciate something like Dixiland Jazz more – or even at all – nooo! Gaah! Can’t stand it… Slack-key is ok, but in small doses. Music with a capital-M just doesn’t do much to steer me around anymore and my mosh-pit days are a dim memory, not well-lit or too much enjoyed.
Since this is a long and worthless comment I will reproduce it on my own blog, thanks Ted, for the inspiration!


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2 thoughts on “Musical Curmudgeonhood

  1. Suffered largely the same music-fate as you describe, probably about ten years ago. I've not missed any of it, either, if I judge what passes for music (noise, bad and shallow lyrics?) these days.

    Always a bit of a snob, I care to listen to little more than the lump called “Classical” by the unwashed.

    Oh well.

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