No Rails Old School Naked and Covered

The sun’s shining and birds chirping and I got nuthin’ while the kewl kidz are at the NRA-something in Pennsywhatchamacallit way-back East.
But with the goober holster collection now comes this old K-frame wearing a beater Galco “Fletch” eBay holster – in and out of leather. It’s a step up from the G&G nylon holster anyhow.

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11 thoughts on “No Rails Old School Naked and Covered

  1. Since it's not stainless I got brown. 🙂 The Fletch is a nice holster but I'm not convinced it's a concealment holster, more of just a carry holster?
    I dunno, I haven't really tried. Yet.


  2. Tam – What made 'em do that except the Beatles? Cops were already carrying enough around, why make it heavier?
    The '61 is all swept back with a tapered flick to ther post – it's Elvis fine, it's svelt and dandy – then suddenly seven years later the '68 has a chunky thick mop-top barrel with fat post on a Carnaby Street rib – Beatle-browed at least. (sic)
    1961 – Elvis Presley helped raised money and directed much-needed attention to the stalled efforts to build the USS Arizona Memorial.
    1968 – The subversive Beatles' White Album comes out, “Back in the USSR” is a hit, “Bungalow Bill” and “Rocky Racoon” goes around killin' while “Happiness is a warm gun” and of course the actual deadly maniac's love-piece: “Helter Skelter” popularized – it's all a huge mockery. 😉


  3. I used to know a range officer who could load his Model 10 from loops (!) and shoot faster and more accurately than most guys with a semi-auto!
    He went to Iran in 1979, haven't heard from him since. I imagine him taking out revolutionaries, two rounds at a time, living on goats in the hills outside Tehran. But, you didn't hear that from me.


  4. Jim – It's just an old Model-10 I got for a couple-hundred bucks! Must have been a sock-drawer queen. 🙂

    AllenF – Looking forward to goin' shootin' with you again in Sept.!

    Keads – Those are Hogue Rosewood no finger groove monogrips. I called-up and the nice girl sent me some after I told her my CC#. Don't like finger grooves always yellin' at me and telling me where I'm supposed to be. They have gone up in price a bit in the last ten years, but not too much. ($10)…


  5. We may be Pittsburgh-bound for some gunny fun now, but come September you'll be laughing all the way to the Rendezvous.

    Can't wait!


  6. Yep, you're doomed. No rails. No laser. No tritium. Probably best to mount it on a plaque and stick a daisy in the barrel.

    Jim — hoping the wiseassery adequately covers his sjealousy.


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