Kanji Answers – I think maybe…

– MI ・ BI ・ iya ・ ya ・ amaneshi ・ iyoiyo ・ tooi ・ hisashi ・ hisashii ・ wataru – all the more; increasingly

– kichi ・ kitsu  – good fortune; good luck

The thing about all this is there so much more data packed-into a single byte of language than a computer can hold – the mind of man can grasp way-beyond the on/off mechanics and see into the past as well as the future.

The first glyph: – MI or BI, originates from the ancient Namu Amida Butsu, a prayer to Amida Buddha for a peaceful death – which on a GUN intimates a whole bunch of things, but in Japanese also means, “I worship Amida Buddha and follow his doctrine.” – or it means Maitreya (a bodhisattva) – and in a vulgar meaning it is a verb to jeer (at); to hoot; to boo; to catcall; to heckle – something a GUN can also do, so to speak.

The second glyph, – KICHI or KITSU can bit-flip depending on it’s position – it can be good luck or ill-omened, ominous, unlucky, black as night, sinister, bad luck, ill omen, inauspiciousness – which again, in the context of a GUN intimates even more… And in another location is a part Paladin: a man of incorruptible character.

Or it could be a family-name: Yayoshi  弥吉 

UPDATE: And the winner is BornLib – for Yayoshi! Turns out it is a family name. I returned to the gun-shop and gave them the translation I had collected. The owner was there and thanked me, confimnring the seller of the gun was a Japanese-dude (or of that ancestry) with such a family name… At least now the new owner can be happily confident in his purchase of the, “Always Increasing Fortune” gun! Or whatever. 🙂

And it’s still a price I can’t afford in a caliber I don’t already have.

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  1. I work for a Japanese owned company, we have several on site. I can print a copy of your picture and see what they have to say Monday if you like.


  2. Whoops, I've been corrected downstream in another post/thread, it's a first-name, “Yakichi” – but in other texts it's a choice – I think one is a more modern usage? There seem to be parallel streams.


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