What’s it mean, Kanji?

Had to go back and have a closer look at this sweet Series-70 Stainless Colt.  The scrollwork is small and fairly tastefully done, it’s not all-over like a full sleeve.

The stainless steel is pretty too, a soft luster glows from the gun, even under fluorescent lights the green cast is warm.

The Colt Commander is a 9mm too, unusual I think? The serial number starts with a 70 then has two letters and three more digits – is it a Series-70 then?

Seven little bits of deeply cut scroll-work – two fore and aft on each side, and on the top.

And finally back by the hammer on the right-side there’s this Chinese or Japanese Kanji (or (hànzi) glyph:

Nobody knew what it meant – I said, “That’s kinda important, tadpole.” There’s a couple of different websites dedicated to improper or mis-attributed Asian characters… “Picnic Table” and “Buff Chick” indeed, “Naive American” or simply gibberish.

It’s the first time I’ve really been attracted to a 9mm, apart from The Man From U.N.C.L.E. P-38 gun.

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14 thoughts on “What’s it mean, Kanji?

  1. ザイツェヴ – I am clearly at a disadvantage and bow to your superior knowledge, thank you for visiting and commenting at my small blog! 🙂

    jgreely – Since you confirm ザイツェヴ, I also defer. Also my first “expert” said the same thing but I was side-tracked.

    Both: I notice the California Census records from the Genealogy & History Archives, that Trulock Memorial Park indicates Yakichi is a first name. 🙂


  2. 弥吉 gets twice as many hits on Japanese pages as Simplified Chinese, and very few in Traditional Chinese. If Japanese, I'd say it's Yakichi, and a given name rather than a family name, based on the Wikipedia hits and pronunciations.

    (Mac, the first character does exist in Unicode as an official variant at code point 20BB7; a lot of old kanji variants that are only used in names got added to Unicode fairly late)



  3. Mac – thanks for the effort! I got the same results, verified by a Japan-scholar. “Increasing Luck” – kinda makes me think of, “Feel Lucky?” 🙂



  4. Looks like Japanese Kanji to me. From this site, I found what look like the characters. The first means increasingly, and is archaic. Kanji description here.

    The second is good fortune, although it's written incorrectly. The top character should have the crosspiece longer than the line below it. I could not find a character with the crosspiece shorter (though the radical itself does exist). Kanji details here.

    So, I think it's supposed to mean something like 'luck is improving.'


  5. Jim – Yeh, those grips are rather horrible, but apparently original ones were worse!
    Let's ask Google if it's brushed nickle, YES (from 1911Forum.com):
    SC is the designator for NICKEL, the Commander is/was either Satin Nickel, Matte Nickel, Electroless Nickel or Coltguard plated and the slide probably is too unless the Nickel has been removed and painted over…
    Cold did not produce any chrome Commanders way back then, not sure if they ever have…

    AND the SN# range is 1973 1974's “SC” series started at 70SC27201.

    So it's from back when I was in Junior High/High School.

    This is Spendy-Land – they want more money than I have, $1500 for it at Kerley's in Cupertino. That's where full-on Silicon Valley Maserati prices begin…


  6. I had a Satin Nickel Commander once, in 45 ACP. It was a nice gun, had the up-line Colt two-tone wood grips on it.

    I'm not sure that Colt even made a stainless gun then, so Jim's warning is valid, although it LOOKS stainless by the slide (you couldn't engrave in normal steel and not have THAT show).

    You need to do research by serial number before investing a dime.


  7. First, make sure that's really stainless, and not the brushed nickel that was waaayyy common on Series '70s Commanders.

    Otherwise, that's a beautiful gun. If you can afford it, buy it. Period, full stop, end of discussion.

    That's a gun, especially in 9mm, that you will never, ever, ever regret having in your gunsafe.

    It deserves better grips though. Exotic hardwood of some sort. You'll know it when you see it.

    Buy the gun, please. If you don't then please let us know where to buy it, ok?

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX


  8. BornLib – Thank you! Via Nciku.com I *thought* I was getting “bow” (like bow-down) and “weapon” (hell, I really have no freaking idea), but the bottom character wasn't coming through at all which was weird because I thought it was clear and distinctive enough – so I was leaning towards Japanese since it's lower “box” sides are angled and not vertical as the Chinese characters…?

    Between Chinatown in SF, and Japantown, San Jose (and Stanford U), we have lots of both groups locally, going way-back.

    Hey, like your Blog too! 🙂


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