Country Eggs are Different

The come from blond and speckled and red and speckled and gold colored chickens that roam freely about the house and property – guarded by a big-ass rooster-dude. They each have little boxes with some straw in them, placed around the house – in the garage mostly, on a workbench, behind a bag of feed – in which they cluck and lay the eggs.The blue ones come from the blond.
The shells are harder than what you get in the grocery store and the yolks are intensely yellow-orange.

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5 thoughts on “Country Eggs are Different

  1. …And you have your own pre-colored
    Easter spheres,,,ummm…spring eggs!!!

    UMmmmm spherical eggy thingys that we can't call Easter Eggs!!! Yay.


  2. We've got a couple Araucana chickens that lay the green eggs.

    In addition to fresh eggs, I get entertainment from just watching the chickens cluck around.


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