Mexico, oh Mexico…The (Fake) War on Drugs

Did you see the post from the Italian Mexican journalist, about how President Calderon has acceded to the Sinalo Cartel? The security strategy deployed by the federal government in Mexico and particularly in Ciudad Juárez to fight drug trafficking is a lie because the government of Felipe Calderón protects the Sinaloa cartel and its leader, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, claims Anabel Hernandez, Mexican journalist. Translated text:

In addition, as posed by the author of “The Lords of Narco” in a telephone interview with El Diario, the U.S. action in the midst of this “war” has not been very clear and begin to surface information indicating a suspected Cartel Sinaloa in the country with the concurrence of bodies like the same Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).
“For the federal government priority only the enemies of ‘El Chapo’ and that’s why we have the slaughter, so Ciudad Juárez is as it is,” says the journalist from Italy, where he teaches a series of conferences on the issue of crime organized.
Indicates that protection group led by “El Chapo” is systematic, almost as a public policy, and although unable to respond if President Felipe Calderón is involved or participate in this action, stresses the fact that the federal agent knows what happens and it is almost incredible that there is an accomplice if it protects Genaro Garcia Luna, Federal Public Security Secretary, who identifies himself as the architect of this war and links to organized crime.
Therefore, stresses, this war is not against drug traffickers as the Government has promoted, but is a drug war “in which the federal government has been part of one of his criminal groups, and has been partly because I mean that has protected them.

And so the US Ambassador to Mexico had to quit.  I just bet some wise-guys from Chicago, who know a thing or two about smuggling and graft and institutionalized corruption, would know a thing or two about this… Isn’t the new BATFE guy from Chicago?

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