Womens’ Concealed Carry

From GBR-V rendezvouser Ashley at Girls ❤ Guns, we have news about feminine concealment products offered by a woman designer at Naturally Concealed, who has hit upon a way to carry that takes advantage of the biological diversity afforded by being female (although I suppose some men could take advantage of their curves in a similar fashion).

Naturally Concealed is a homebased business brought into being by one woman’s desire to find a comfortable, concealable, discreet handgun holster that could be worn under dress clothes as easily as it could be worn under every day work, play, or exercise clothes. After coming up with what I believe to be the perfect concealed carry option, I decided to share it with other women looking for a comfortable, wearable holster.

There are testimonials by women as to the efficacy of this means of carry, which seems to be substantial. I do not know since I am not among the carrying persuasion, but to me it seems highly logical, for instance:

The model is wearing a .357 Smith & Wesson Model 640

Check it out, ladies.  It’s not salacious either.

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6 thoughts on “Womens’ Concealed Carry

  1. KurtP – I'm sure with X-Ray Specs you could!

    Brigid – It strikes me as one of those never-ending discussion threads, like lane-splitting or the proper use of duct-tape – an idea that keeps getting re-hashed. I can see it as a walking around means of carry, but as soon as you sit down the equation changes. The floppy holster debate opened my eyes. But I admire her for the same reason, getting her own ideas out there and being involved.


  2. Yes, that sits but right underneath the bust. I admire the woman for the idea, but it seemed to me the perfect way to get a accidental fire into the femoral.

    I can't even see my FEET, how am I supposed to instantly get the gun out from underneath the girls,AND a shirt with buttons, not to mention the risk of now having a clear field to draw up and away from the holster, let alone doing it in a stealthy manner.

    A rapist may not be looking at my hand down by my waist or hip but I guarantee he's going to notice my hand going for my breasts. (As well, it it just being ripe for those punch lines. . . if the bad girl is wearing one, do you shout out “you're busted” when going in for the arrest). Sorry, but you get the picture. I'm all for free enterprise and the promotion of self defense, but as you're fumbling under or in the shirt trying to draw he will be all over you like Ted Kennedy. Just seems like a really bad idea, though I admire her for the concept and the promotion of self defense. Just my opinion.


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