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6 thoughts on “Locals Only Friday

  1. Sweeeet!!! A little to low for my taste, but still sweet. I love the red, just too much when it covers the grill, which should be polished stainless. Minor correction it is an F-1, the F-100 came out in 54 and the F-150 was sometime in the 80's, I think. This one is an F-1 because it matches the one I have in my garage in pieces.


  2. Ooh, a 914-6! DO blog about it. I had a model of one in HS. That was the car they should ONLY have imported (besides the 911).
    A UC college buddy had one and drove to work in the Valley over Hwy 17 from Santa Cruz, he was constantly working on it – fortunately that was almost as easy as working on a VW.


  3. Well, I pulled the wraps off of my classic car last weekend and had a lot of fun driving it.

    I went to Peet's coffee and people love to talk about it. (1970 Porsche 914-6).

    I'll have to blog about my car!


  4. Nice! The weather here is cooperating with the emergence of the weekend cars here!

    Except I have one that is not getting fuel to the carb. Sigh……


  5. '48-50…just absolutely my favorite F-series years.

    I've been able to turn up a couple of these that were panel delivery wagons churned out in the day. You wanna talk about a sweet ride after getting the works performed on it. It's big enough to get a back seat in it and still enough for a decent amount of luggage. Perfect for a family excursion around the country.

    Either that, or an early 70's VistaCruiser with a bunch of restomods.

    I'm still on the hunt for that next project car.


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