Bug-Out-Bags & Earthquake Preparedness

The earthquake in Japan highlighted and concretized some thoughts and processes.
Our Japanese friends in Yokosuka are OK, but life is made difficult and worrisome for them.
The 12-foot swells that hit the Big Island did the most damage.  They tore up Keauhou Bay where we enjoyed a trip out to Captain Cook’s, and in Kealakekua Bay itself where we enjoyed a great snorkel and fish-watching, a house was washed off to sea and sank.  In Kona the world famous Kona Village Resort was totally trashed and is closed now indefinitely. It may never open again. Our friends up in the North of the Big Island are OK.

So I’ve been assembling bug-out-backpacks for the both of us, with a third one for the job-car, and I want to take guns – I will be armed – but have few choices on exactly how to get around with ’em.
I’m surprised at how much can fit into such a small place.  So-far the backpacks each have:

  1. Multi-tool, whistle, stupid-stuff.
  2. Lightweight 50° sleeping bag AND an aluminized emergency bivvy sack.
  3. 3-day block of 3600-calorie food bars.
  4. Water-filter straw and water purification (iodine) crystals.
  5. Fire-steel and tinder.  Matches and compass.
  6. Wind-up AM/FM/NOAA radio with a LED flashlight, solar power, and cell phone charger.
  7. Medical mini-pack with bandages and QuickClot and Water Jel Burn Jel.
  8. Personal hygiene items and plastic bags.  3-pr Socks and change of clothing.

And more…

This is worst-case thinking, considering the highly likely event of an earthquake, followed by fire, and the whole shit is toast. This is for when there is no place to return-to. Maybe not even my parent’s house down the road… the first 72-hours make the difference. Perhaps I’ll go with “Open Carry Unloaded” which is (still) legal here rather than concealed which is not. I don’t want anybody to have any legal excuse to stop my progress or movement, to detain me anywhere – not when I’m going to get my wife.
And thinking of that, I may have to go get her on the back of the KTM because the roads are f*ked.
The roads WILL be filled with bad drivers, anxious and uncertain, sick with worry, and crazed of purpose and mind – and a better two-up bike would be (have been) my old XR650L – but I don’t have it anymore. With that one I don’t have to carry and add a dollop of oil to the gas tank.
Bouncing around on a dirtbike after an earthquake = crossing traffic medians, going the wrong way, dodging brainless cretins by every means available, crossing people’s lawns, and going over curbs – all that bouncing around means some retention is required – an open-top is an invitation to losing it. Two is one, one is zero.  The alternative is f*-it I’m carrying concealed – with no experience or preparation for that. Hmmm. No experience…
So I’m still looking around for a holster for the carry-purpose, since I don’t want to stuff it all (guns & ammo) into my backpack where I can’t easily get at it in a moment of dire need. Like when someone tries to stop me because they want THE BIKE for themselves. Nooooo. Not gonna give it up.
I’m also going through a simplification thought-process: do I standardize on one type? Like, just the Model-10’s – since my wife is a revolver and not a semi-auto kinda gal? Or can I (or somebody better than me) train her on the Sig de-cocker and its revolver like simplicity? She’s a dead-eye shot. I have two .38’s and three .45’s. and I’m not even thinking about a rifle. Yet. I think the Sigs would survive better in the rain. A plastic gun would survive better in the rain…Hmmm.

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9 thoughts on “Bug-Out-Bags & Earthquake Preparedness

  1. A very important point about belts. It needs to be a GUN belt. Nothing less will do the job properly. In fact, best is to get the belt the holster maker makes for that holster. The only exception I've heard that works is the wilderness/rappelling type.


  2. Will – thanks for adding to the thought-stream!
    I have picked up a couple holsters, barrel length is important, also the Sig w/rail fits differently -tighter – than the non-rail one.
    Riding always requires some cover garment, even a roost protector maybe, and from other riders who carry I've been told Small-of-Back is a bad choice for riding in the case of a unexpected dismount and you fall on it major injuries can result. It could fit in my enduro fannypack…maybe find a way to attach a kydex shell to the roost.
    So far everything is OWB but I have been considering IWB for concealment – I need a bigger belt in that case. Shoulder rigs are a new thought.
    And thanks for the reminder about constant carry and familiarity – telegraphing what you have is a bad idea.


  3. You would be better off to acquire some holsters now. I did most of my holster shopping at gun shows. Really helps to bring the gun, as not all have enough markings to confirm it will fit. Concentrate on concealment types.

    Barrel length can be important for some holster designs. Practice toting around the house, garage, and yard.

    Shoulder rigs work well, especially if using a backpack. Better than a hip holster if on a bike, especially if you fall. You can make them for double gun carry. Also, if riding in the summer, you have a reason to be wearing a cover garment. Vertical, horizontal (angled, actually), and upside down are available for wheelguns. Also, shoulder rigs can work well for women. (your wife needs to carry concealed, also)
    Fannypacks are ok, if the barrel is short. Should be designed for guns.
    Best concealment is usually an IWB type.
    For a rifle, consider one of the take-down AR designs. Both makers set them up in attache cases, IIRC. One takes about 10 seconds, the other 30 seconds, to assemble.

    You need to wear a gun often enough to get used to it, otherwise, you tend to move/act in ways that shouts “gun!” to those who you don't want attention from.


  4. Think two wheelguns each. BUG=Back up gun.

    Also drawing 2nd gun, called New York Reload, is faster than reloading as long as you have practiced it.


  5. Considering your area of operations, I'd consider both the KTM as retrieval and BOV to be an excellent idea.

    As for carry? I'd not be too worried about it, as if you are indeed in that sort of scenario, keeping it covered and out-of-sight isn't that hard, and there will be far bigger fish to fry for the local constabulary anyway.

    I keep a G19 in my briefcase, with a half-dozen mags, and a couple of those are G17, 17 round mags. That's quite a bit of pistol carry, but limited on range, with the trade off of concealability. Getting home from the office is a long effin' hike, and, like you said, rifle carry is kinda prohibitive for me.

    That bag stuff is pretty good, and you're looking at some very specific kit for your particular needs. Keep us posted as it evolves, sir.


  6. I can't at this moment begin to answer all of your questions, but in that environment, I'd reccomend illegal concealed carry.

    OC, legal or not, is going to frazzle the sheeple, and L.E. ain't gonna be polite to NObody in those circumstances.

    Your mission is to successfully bug out/in (whatever your survival needs dictate), and to simply “get there”, unscathed and undamaged.

    Being on a two stroke bike, you only need secure a quart of go-oil somehere on the bike or in your things, and that'll get you the cuplethree refills you need to attain your destination.

    Give your bride a try on the Sig, and if she doesn't cotton to it, then by default, you're a wheelgun fambly insofar as bugout is concerned. That DOES impart a certain obligation on YOU to become shit-hot in the reload department.

    As far as the first six rounds goes, you can actually put those downrange as fast as with any ratchetshooter you can name.

    Just practice. A LOT. When you can reload like Jerry M., then practice your accuracy.

    ONE round on target though, is worth any number of mag-dumps that all miss, right?

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX


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