Shooter’s First-Aid

As I remarked in comments to a post at Stuff From Hsoi, some of the guys at my shooting club (one of them anyhow) came back from a class and want to spread the message of defensive medicine – gunshot first-aid so to speak. Given the advancing age of many club-members and starting to feel old myself, I’m more worried about access to defibrillators and such at the Range than errant shots.  Hsoi’s post is regarding his kids learning CPR and the life-saving value of that, and how it will help them grow:

The reasons for learning CPR and first aid are simple: because when a situation that requires those skills happens, the fastest person to respond is the person right there when it happens. In a case like CPR of course it has to be someone else. For first aid, the situation may be something you can perform on yourself and certainly no one can be closer to you than you nor respond faster to you than you.

Gunblogger-Rendezvous friend Derek (The Packing Rat) took the LMS Defense course, but it was a few years ago, and he also had more recent (compared to me anyhow) training to build-on.

I’m thinking of it especially in light of the recent disasters and the issue of preparedness.  There’s a ton of supplies and products available now, packed up and ready to go, from just your Basic First Aid Kit (BAK), to the fairly scary “Ventilated Operators Kit” (VOK) that have been developed and refined as a result of recent conflicts and disasters – but they require some training and expertise.
Seems like a good idea-thing, CPR and GSR (gun-shot-repair).

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