Bug-Out Bag

After the recent events overseas and amid gloomy weather Mrs. Crashr’s excellent and very thorough impulse to organize has flared-up, and so we’re assembling the necessaries. It’s already all here for the most part, but not in a kit-form for the trunk of the car or back of the truck. In the last issue of GUNS magazine too, in Odd Angry Shot, the issue of preparedness arose and Teh Kit – and among the things listed was a slight attention-getter, one element of the med-kit that is often lacking but is dear to both our hearts – an emergency dental kit. We’ll have to see what CVS has to offer with out %20 coupon this weekend.
Besides, I always wanted needed a crowbar anyhow.

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7 thoughts on “Bug-Out Bag

  1. Hi North – I will probably learn more from you, I would like to read your Bug-out-Bag post! Add-away, but I'm so erratic and seldom complete my thinking processes, it may be easier if I just add you to my list. 😉


  2. I hope I can lean on you a bit to learn.

    I've been meaning to publish my BOB contents as a post. But I also just bought two books on medicine that I need to get in the reading queue – what I learn from them I'm sure will affect my list.

    Do you mind if I add your blog to my roll? I've visited a few times, but now I really want to make your blog a constant stop.


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