Miguel at Gun Free Zone tagged me with a meme, perhaps confusing style for substance – of which I have only some of one and much lots of neither – or something like that. But in this hour I’m dithering and my lack of style is showing. I have to think quickly but can’t, so bear with me while I try to adhere to the “rules,” among which Part-1 requires a confessional of seven things about me that must people do not generally know, and then slap 10 others upside the Blog-head…if they even notice.
PAUSE:…(I’ll get a round tuit in a bit):

With so much going-on in earthquake ravaged Japan, my personal whatsis-crap is entirely trivial.

1. I drew up plans for a hang-glider to launch off our rooftop when I was ten, but my mom wouldn’t let me build it.
2. I hitch-hiked across country and back, and to get traveling money (all of $20) I mowed the lawn at the EPA in Washington DC with a stinky gas-powered mower.
3. I went prospecting for gold in Colorado and wound-up packing-in all the equipment on horseback – and I had never ridden horses before.
4. I waltzed in the opening ceremony of the Philharmonic Orchestra Ball in Vienna, Austria.
5. I houred-out at all the Enduro racing events I entered except for two, and I broke three ribs the first time I went out on an MX track and crashed – and I still had to drive myself home.
6. I rode a motorcycle over the Grossglockner and the Passo del Stilvio.
7. Nevermind about the 18-inch tapeworm.

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Ok so I’m a bit lame about this and reluctant to be viral – and there are just SO DAMN MANY gunbloggers, both male and female, that it’s just crazy to think about who to tag – and so many are better than me. Who cares to be tagged?
Some of the blog-names are just great:
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My bookmarks list is too long. I get too random and can’t keep-up.

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