Semi-Busy week

Today I uploaded some work to an online portfolio site in case the people who seem interested in my work might pay me to do some.  It’s been a damn while and at this age I wonder if I’ll even ever work again, that is without a paper hat.
And then this is for Tam, who’s been going through a tough-patch.


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5 thoughts on “Semi-Busy week

  1. D.C.

    I was unceremoniously “nudged” completely out of my line of occupation, and ended up jumping into something utterly out of my profile.

    No, not MLM, or any crap like that.

    Lucrative, though. I have no idea if it's duplicated in your locale, but there's no reason it couldn't be.

    Not a franchise. If you dive into it, I'll not make a fraction of a penny therefrom.

    Write me if you wish, and I'll tell you what all I'm doing, the industry I'm in, and what to look for in your area.

    If you find the right contractor out there to do the same thing with, you'll dump an lot of stress out of your life.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

    P.S. kindly visit SOTW? Believe it or not, a new post or two there.

  2. Retardo mi Amigo! I love your descriptive turn of phrase! 🙂 I keep quiet counsel because I don't want to discourage the youth who are still engaged in this pathetic line of futility – but it's not over till the fat lady flushes!

  3. I got to a point where I seriously worried I wouldn't work in my field again, but then I got a mediocre offer from the most ineptly-mismanaged drain-circling Mickey-Mouse clownf**k of a company that ever shat where it ate, and things've been rosy ever since. At least compared to un[der]employment.

    Fortune favors the persistent.

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