Sig Slim-Grips Win! Nitron-ST

I removed the rubber Hogue grips and installed the Sig slim-grips that didn’t fit on my other Sig, the 1989-year P220.  They fit perfectly on this model.

The previous owner had a cat. I brushed out the spring and crevices.
This one has the “Nitron” finish on a stainless steel frame, so it’s also noticeably heavier than the other, aluminum-framed P220.  Recoil shouldn’t be much of a problem as long as I grow Popeye arms.

The rail is a point where more weight can be added. Pretty soon it will be so covered in pistol-bling you won’t be able to pick it up.  I’m thinking a light would be cool, I can’t afford a light/laser combo.

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4 thoughts on “Sig Slim-Grips Win! Nitron-ST

  1. Switching between them there's nothing new to learn and no changes to make, no safety but the de-cocker tales away trigger-touching, and coming from revolvers I'm OK with the full-stroke double-action first squeeze.


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