Tools and Artifacts

For those of us who view the gun as an important tool of civilization and an icon of culture we have a respect for the traditions they engender and the family history imbued with each ancestral artifact, and the cherished patina that Time bestows upon them.
From Uncle I discovered a modern tradition embodied in the works of 18 Industrial Drive, Exeter, New Hampshire.
It is a legacy of long toil through day and night, through boiling heat and and freezing cold, through the adversity of Teamsters to the salvation of Personal Independence, an archetype of the earliest steadfast man and legendary American Hero – and something that you might win and own in a sweepstakes!

I present to you the Sig P238 Diamond Plate! This treasured family heirloom can be yours for a nominal actual fee, Trucker-Girl grips available soon at an extra price.


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