Personal Safety Through Superior Firepower

Here is a significant literary milestone, the publication of a Medical Doctor-driven analysis of personal mechanical defiance in the face of extreme external threats, it is a compendium that includes, firearm safety, children and firearms, storage, training, ethics and laws, self defense tactics, and first aid for gunshot wounds titled, Keeping Your Family Safe: The Responsibilities of Firearm Ownership.

Here in California there is another book on a similar topic that is also required reading for the firearms owner, whether engaged enthusiast or casual plinker:

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8 thoughts on “Personal Safety Through Superior Firepower

  1. Just to avoid any mis-conception, the test is free. Once you pass the test, you are eligible to purchase your card for $25.


  2. Most gunshops have the book. It will help him to take the test and get the CA “Handgun Safety Certificate” (FAQ here), a short multiple-choice test that costs $25 and is conducted at the shops.
    The test grades knowledge of restrictions and proficiency, and I believe includes “safe handling demonstration” – and is required in order to purchase a handgun, and the HSC is good for five years.
    This is NOT a licensing scheme, it's a GUN-TAX.
    You need a current HSC to buy a pistol, but not to OWN one. Long guns are different too.

    #17 – # I am moving into California and intend to bring my handgun with me. Do I need a Handgun Safety Certificate (HSC)?

    No, you do not need a Handgun Safety Certificate (HSC) for the purpose of moving into California with your handgun. However, pursuant to Penal Code section 12072(f)(2), there are important personal handgun importation responsibilities that are explained on this website.


  3. Ted – Much obliged!
    DrJim – I think the latest version is 2009…?
    Fenix – Glad to help! CRPA (Calif. Rifle & Pistol Assn.) also puts out a newsprint booklet, “Summary of CA Gun Laws & Basic Safety Rules” that members receive each year. My current one is “39th Revision – 2011” so they've been at it a while. The CRPA does good, you can ask for a copy here. 🙂


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