Why We Don’t Have Flying Cars – Part#1

Part #1. The Education System. (H/T Midwest Chick at Non Original Rants).

Certainly much more is available on the utter and abject failures (some intentional, some structural, all insidious) of the Leviathan tentacle I call Behemoth Educratology, much of which can be found in the writings of Gun-Rendezvouser and friend Kevin Baker at The Smallest Minority, but MidwestChick delivers this superb gem.

Seriously, does the Obama team do any fact-checking?

This particular factoid from the SOTU is quite ironic. The Colorado school (grades 6-12) that Obama praised (School Hailed by Obama Succeeded by Firing Teachers, Bucking Union) as a model school is one who was granted an exemption from union rules in 2007. They had all teachers re-apply for their jobs and only six made the cut. The school’s first graduating class had a graduation rate of 97%. You’d think that his fact-checkers should know that this school goes in direct opposition to Obama’s connection with the teachers unions. So, at least one path on the step to student success is the punting of teachers unions. Interesting….

Thank-you MidwestChick!

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4 thoughts on “Why We Don’t Have Flying Cars – Part#1

  1. Please, everyone go about your business.

    Don't regard me at all, I'm just laughing, almost uncontrollably.

    Ol' Jugears just isn't too bright.

    I think he needs to take a new job…as a television announcer.

    wv: nexesser…yes, something like that.


  2. My pleasure! I hope the trend of the Colorado school continues, which might go a great deal towards saving the educational system (along with punting the federal Department of Ed and defunding No Child Left Behind).


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