The Cannonization of John Moses Browning

It appears that Utah is the tip of the spear, reading-in the Cannonization of John Moses Browning, by passing at the diocesan level of the State, a measure to make the M1911 semiautomatic handcannon the State Gun.
Such a process occurs first by a Bishop or equivalent State Representative – one with jurisdiction to submit such a resolution.
In the process a second finding must be made, a declaration of ‘Non Cultus’ that examines and certifies that no heretical worship or improper cult worship has grown up around the inventor, and drawings and measurements are taken of the sacred relic. This will be the hard part, but ultimately as new designs prove inadequate and fail it shall prevail.
Thirdly, when the specifications and relics have been gathered, the State will recommend to the Governor that he make a proclamation of the Device’s Heroic Virtues: the Gun must exhibit the Virtues of Faithful Operation, Hoped-for Accuracy, and Charitable Velocity. Also the cardinal virtues of Prudent caspacity, the assurance of Just Cause, Fortitude in the face of Adversity, and Temperance to acknowledge that other designs exist in its wake or absence. Thus is conferred Venerability upon the Gun and its Inventor, PBUH.
The bill passed 51-19 and will now move to the Utah Senate for consideration.

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