Anybody got a spare P220 slide?

I wonder if I could do this to my old Sig?  All the Kewl-Kidz are getting the dovetail cut for a Deltapoint or Trijicon Mini…or something.
Question: is there enough cuttable metal on the slide-top? What’s that pin doing there…I wonder how much meat is in there, there seems to be enough shelf-room.
UPDATE: IXNAY – Project is on hiatus…

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5 thoughts on “Anybody got a spare P220 slide?

  1. Jake – Thanks too! Yes, it has an inner and outer roll-pin. I love the way it takes down, more than my 1911, and indeed it is, as close to perfect as any gun not designed by Saint John-Moses.
    I'm leaving it alone.


  2. B&N – Numerich eh, good thought! Slide, Blue $331.70 – but will it fit?

    Gun Blobber – THANKS! Yes it's an ancient German-made 1989 Sig with front-sight forged(?) into the slide and the rear dovetailed and the tritium long gone.
    That roll-pin made me think something was going on up in there and I'm grateful for your explanation. The Numrich schematic shows a pinned-in-place breech block (like mine) and it appears I'd need parts 4-thru-14 to complete a slide ~$ka-ching!$~
    Ok, nevermind…probably a shame to Bubba-up a classic anyhow.

    Hey, thanks for your wiki-work on the GPal issue! I don't go to CalGuns much, the signal-to-noise gets to me, but I used their AWB flowchart to educate my compadres on how we get things done in CA, at the Gunblogger rendezvous IV Show-and-Tell.


  3. What Blobber said, except that mine has two roll pins, one inside the other one.

    Except for the hammer dropper and slide lock being in the wrong place, the SIG P-220 is as close to perfect as any gun not designed by Saint John Browning (pbuh). I'd leave it alone.

    Medium Sized Jake


  4. It looks like your Sig is an older version; if so, then that rollpin is holding the breechface block (which contains the firing pin etc.) into the slide. On the older P22x Sigs, the slide itself was made out of stamped and folded sheet metal, and the breech was pinned in place. If you knock that pin out, the breech block will drop free and you can remove the firing pin and the firing pin block.

    On the newer P22x Sigs, the entire slide assembly is machined out of solid metal; this happened around the time when milling machines became more prevalent, as the gun was originally designed for the stamped/folded sheet metal production since milling was so expensive; but now the tables have turned, and it's cheaper to make them out of solid blocks of steel. Instead of a rollpin, there is a solid rivet-looking thing in that position; it and the breech block are unremovable, AFAIK. The machined models also have an external extractor on the right side of the slide; the older stamped models had an internal extractor that was hidden when the slide was forward.

    Anyway, all of this is to say that, based on my assumption that your Sig is an older model with a pinned-in breech block, you probably don't want to try this mod, as the slide itself is fairly thin. On a newer model, I think you would be ok, with the slide and breech being all one piece.


  5. Numrich might have complete slides, though it'd probably be a little spendy.

    Not sure about your question of cutting the slide and the pin issue. Prolly have to ask a good smith who's tried that one out before.

    Good luck!


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