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If I were a more committed Blogger this would be better documented on the Asus EeePC’s little Atom processor here, and the expression of my great frustration exhibited for all to see — but the kitchen is finished and looks incredibly top-shelf gorgeous, there’s fresh paint in a professional manner everywhere, and we’re unpacking to fill the space after fifty eight-days in the wilderness (or living room) — so the fact that my super zoot-drive high-phenom Gixxer-speed desktop took a complete shit when the breakers out on the garages fried on a rainy night last week and PG&E had to come out and replace them, is still something I’m dealing with in small bites.

The message is that BOOTMGR is missing, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart – in a divide-by-zero mode. It keeps coming up with that. I can get to the BIOS but that’s it. So I removed the drive from the box and put it into a USB/SATA case. Powered-up and plugged that sucker into the other laptop, but still can’t see any of my own data files. I can see the programs and stuff, and that there’s 320GB of crap there, but USER is empty and I can’t get to any of my former directories, with pictures and and circles and arrows and documents of many paragraphs and spreadsheets. There’s all sorts of permissions bullshit in Win-7 and I made myself the “Owner” of the drive, but still the data is doing a Che Guevara and hiding its cowardly self. It’s TSA Craptastic. With the assistance of a buddy dirtbiker-computer builder nerd genius back in North Cackalacky and after some emo remote web-conferencing FAIL (the Win7 box would not submit to TSA Club groping procedures from the XP controller), we squoshed up a disc with a bunch of RAR files in order to boot to some flav of Linux – to no avail. Thinking maybe a boot from teh USB would be cute I tried that too, still no luck.

From the desk drawer I pulled out the Costco special 500MB Seagate FreeAgent to check the latest backup and it won’t spin-up. You can hear it humm and click and a whirr as it goes into its windup – and then it backs off and stops. Shit crap fuck hell. No windup, no pitch. I have NEVER had a Windows “backup” actually succeed in any way. Not ever-ever-ever. Not even while employed at Corporate with a large IT operation that did us up remotely like TSA rubber glove snappers – mine always seemed to have the Goober Gremlins, and so I’m not terribly surprised but a bit annoyed since now I have some stupid eWaste to dispose of – but I can do that remotely too with a box of 5.56 luv from Federal.

Maybe there’s another way to get at the data and recover it, my neighbor is CEO of a
small mobile gaming company up in San Mateo out by Electronic Arts (I think) and knows a guy who is a data recovery wizard so there are still options. There are plenty of stupid-smart people around here.

But the kitchen is freaking fantastic. Just too bad I don’t have Photoshop on this micro machine, and that all the pics of the earlier wreckage and renovation are inaccessible, because I really need to blog with pictures – it’s how I roll. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been blogging much. No piccy, no bloggy.

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7 thoughts on “Blogology and TSA Club-Suckers

  1. It's one of those Karma things Dirt…gain a kitchen, lose a desktop…drink some wine, a hobo gets hit by a train.



  2. RHT447 – Thanks for that tip! The backup's power-supply wires seem fragile and are suspect – it may not be getting enough juice.
    B&N – Thanks amigo, I was going over to read Borepatch for tips on booting Ubuntu from a USB.


  3. Data recovery.

    Went through a bit of that not too long ago.

    Layered suck.

    Took weeks of several smart folks toiling on it to get it back.

    My condolences on your mishap. May you find yer stuff and get it put back to where it belongs.


  4. Sorry to hear about your tits-up technology. That sucks. I'm no expert, but here's something you might check. A while back I thought my remote back-up hard drive (LaCie) had quit. It would spin up, but couldn't read it. Turned out that the power supply had blown a capacitor. This caused low voltage, enough to spin up, but not read. Good luck.


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