Demolition Kitchen

The refrigerator is plugged-in out in the dining room, keeping beer and wine chilled while microwave hiding in the background is our sole oven. We have no sink except in the bathroom. It’s paper plates and napkins for a while. We are keeping all the appliances since they still have good life remaining and the stainless steel is modern-o-istic – and also we can’t afford to replace them.
The counter-tops are an older (earlier) slab of Volga Blue with some green among the black and iridescent blue mica flakes. It’s kinda extreme, so the boxes are plain slab-fonts and without a lot of surface grain, in a finish-color called Truffle.
The question that comes to mind now is door-hardware and we initially thought of the classic and industrial stainless-steel T-handle – make it look like a professional kitchen. Everyone’s doing it. Hmmm. Remember the pink, aqua and sand colors of the late 80’s? The fact that you can get them in contractor bulk-packs at Lowe’s means they are truly ubiquitous, and what is ubiquitous soon becomes old and passe. How will that sell in 10-years? The holes in the wood are permanent. We will opt for something more conservative and less trendy. Plus it’s not going to look like some kind of pro-Chef kitchen anyhow, that’s impossible, it’s a one-butt kitchen with increased efficiencies.

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  1. Hi Jim! You flatter me greatly by believing that I'm doing this myself – I wish I could (maybe…) but since it's a condo I'm having to work with contractors and city permit stuff, and since I'm on the HOA I can't skirt the rules either!
    And needless to say I'm really sorry about you loss of the New Dawn, sailboats are like people.


  2. If I had a decent wide angle lens, I'd take pics of the house here on the Island.

    You see, not only did Hurricane Ike completely destroy the New Dawn, it also brought 1-1/2″ of saltwater into our house in the middle of the island. The house is up on (nearly 5') stilts.

    We had a subcontractor finish the demolition that I'd started, then replace all of the subfloor and lower 2' of sheetrock, up to the float and texture point.

    After that, I completed every bit of the rehab of the house, which took me about a year and a half, from the bare walls out.

    I did all the tiling in the kitchen and baths, (floors n' shower n' tub surround), all the hardwood flooring, all of the trim carpentry and painting, etc., etc.

    In all honesty, it's now a 1,400 sq. ft showpiece now. I was very, very anal on workmanship, as I did not want the finished product to be perceived as a “do it yourself” thing. And yes, my neighbors are stunned and envious at what the find when they're invited to visit.

    I'm saying all of that to tell you this. You sir, have my deepest sympathies and respect for the projects you've undertaken. And YOU have done so by choice, rather than being forced by circumstance.

    Having seen your posts on earlier projects in years past, I'm not in the least worried about your skill or wormakship. Just let patience rule, and do it RIGHT, no matter what.

    It's all just more proof about how us old farts who know how to do things have an incredible edge on “Generation Whine”.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX


  3. Thud – Since it's modernist and only 10×10 we had to maximize the use of space and avoid visual clutter. The cabinets are simple slab-fronts instead of anything with panels or ogive curves – and without a lot of grain detail, and there's no crown molding trim. The granite is the highlight and stainless is the second surface “color.”


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