More Green Fascism

Enviroshitbags can’t resist their totalitarian impulses to kill people who disagree with them. Like Islamists they depend on terrorizing people to bend them to their small-minded, narrow-focus, death-oriented, zero-sum worldview.

H/T Rick – The creeps at something called 10:10 are mostly funded by some asinine Governmental boobs who steal taxes, but in addition have a couple real sponsors, namely O2, Sony and Kyocera, who ought to find that their commercial interests among living breathing and exhaling people are not furthered by funding murderous Eco-Nazi will-fulfillment propaganda:

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8 thoughts on “More Green Fascism

  1. DC, why would you waste a punch on them? They aren't worth a punch, they don't deserve a punch. They only qualify for slapping. Send in Dan Severn with a pair of gloves….


  2. “Who here is ready to accept Jesus Christ as your savior?” [all but two hands go up] Boom!

    “Who here is ready to bomb Iran?” [all but two hands go up] BOOM!

    “Who here believes marriage is between one man and one woman?” [all but two hands go up] BOOM!

    Yeah, I'm sure that the Usual Suspects would be talking about how people need to get a sense of humor.


  3. I'm proud of you and the great restraint with which you refrained from calling these fascist shitbags fucktards since that would have cheapened the debate – and been mean to real fucktards everywhere.


  4. By the way, I was just gonna say “fucktards,” but I thought that would probably reek of cheapness and not actually get my point across, so I tried to take the high road by not simply calling them fucktards. Are you proud of me? I'm proud of me.


  5. That is so profoundly offensive that I have trouble describing the degree of exception I take to that bit of propaganda. I love how they lightly toss off the mantra “no pressure” when pressure is what they're all about. And I know Radiohead is lousy with eco-weeniedom, but hearing their music at the end adds to the dismay I feel. meh.


  6. Can you imagine the outrage if a similar film were made, but using gun rights as the topic? The teacher could ask the kids, “Who here thinks guns should only belong to police or government?” Whichever kid raises his hand, she shoots. – We were only kidding, sheesh.


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