Function Testing

I popped over to the indoor range for a quick function test of the old Colt with Winchester white-box 230-grain JHP’s in the new-old barrel and came back 64 rounds lighter.
While the hardball punched ragged holes, these neatly dissected circles in the paper.  Not that I had much to do with it since I’d forgotten to bring the glasses that help me to see the front sight in focus. I again found that I could get a sight picture with my head tilted back, but I’m sure I looked a complete spazz.
At any rate they didn’t hiccup a bit and the 67-year old girl seemed happy to see me and toss lead.  I’m re-filling all my stand-by magazines with the JHP’s, except the old WWII ones

I also ran four magazines of CCI mini-mag (40 rounds) through the Sig P220 with the .22 conversion upper.
There were about six failures-to-feed where/when the little pellets just didn’t get all the way up off the stick and into battery – so about twice a magazine.
It keeps you busy doing slide-racks and safety checks, but the rest of the equation was a lot of holes in the 9 and 10-ring as you’d expect from a Sig.
Neat little piece!

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