YouCut – and Vote ’em Out in November

Stupid Congress, no Donut. Stop the Madness.
Consolidate and Reduce Funding for Federal Advisory Committees: The National Endowment for the Arts spent $1.3 million on two separate advisory panels both of which makes recommendations to the NEA chairman and the U.S. Geological Survey, the Scientific Earthquake Studies Advisory Committee actually recommended the creation of the National Earthquake Prediction Council. WTF?
Terminate Duplicative Federal Bicycle and Walking Programs: The program even requires that every state employ a full-time person dedicated to coordinating this federal program despite the fact that the law already requires every state to employ a separate full-time person to coordinate bicycle and pedestrian activities.
Suspend Federal Land Purchases: Last year Congress spent $266 million acquiring additional federal lands at the Departments of Interior and Agriculture, a 138% increase over the comparable amount of funding just four years ago.
Require Collection of Unpaid Taxes From Federal Employees: In 2008, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reported that over 97,000 federal employees were delinquent on their federal income taxes, owing a total of $1 billion in unpaid taxes. This includes 1,151 employees who owe $7 million at the Department of Treasury which oversees the IRS.
End Taxpayer Subsidized Union Activities:Currently, some federal employees spend up to 100% of their workweek, paid by taxpayers, doing work for their union. In 2008 the Federal government spent $120 million paying employees for their time spent working on union activities – over five years this would total a minimum of $600 million.

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