Roll out the Barrels – 1943 1911A1 Colt

Here’s mine, what does yours look like?
1943-’45 Colt on the left, same-era High Standard on the right.

The upper one is the HS – as seen on the tang of the link-lug – or whatever it’s called.

The ramps-view: Colt (l.) High Standard. (r.).

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6 thoughts on “Roll out the Barrels – 1943 1911A1 Colt

  1. I'll get some rouge. The existing wear is fairly polished already, at least on the High Standard – which would be good for a Remington-Rand or an Ithaca.
    My old Colt isn't pretty or perfect, it has holster wear – and to me what looks like a bloody thumbprint and drip line – but it's probably just old flap-holster storage marks.

    I should do a “Show off your old Nikon” post, that might be fun!


  2. First thing I do is look in the mirror and remind the doofus there not to change contours or remove any measurable amount of metal.

    If the ramp and throat strike me as rough I start with white (“blizzard”) compound and use it carefully (it will cut slightly), then finish with rouge. Often enough, I can just start with rouge.

    I'm still looking for a pretty 1911AI Colt. One of the ones I have has a poor finish. The other is an Augusta or Anniston rebuild of a 1911.

    Hey, I'm pleased you enjoyed seeing the Nikon artifacts.



  3. Jim – Yes you are correct, and thanks for the tip! I have a Dremel with a felt wheel that is under-utilized. Do you put anything like jeweler's rouge or Flitz on the felt wheel?


  4. The bevel looks useful to me, but I still like chucking a hard felt wheel into a Dremel and putting a mirror shine on ramp and throat — anything the bullet touches on its way to the chamber. FTFs are very rare, even with cast SWCs.

    Do I take it correctly that the new barrel is part of restoring an issue 1911A1? If so, sign me “Jealous.”


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