Colt Barrel – from SN#710,001 to end of production 1945

I finally found one.  My current barrel is a High Standard WWII replacement issue.

This one has the standard government “G” mark on the bottom of the chamber forward of the link.

Do pistol shooters ever get their barrels re-crowned like rifle-guys?

The rifling looks ok from the breech and visa versa.

And down towards the barrel-end.

Side-by-side – Colt on the Left, High Standard on the right.

The High Standard digests 230gr. JHP hollow-points faithfully, will the Colt?
I don’t think so.

The High Standard barrel definitely has some trim-work on the barrel hood that the Colt does not…

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2 thoughts on “Colt Barrel – from SN#710,001 to end of production 1945

  1. Hi Haji! I think I've heard that saying before – the cool-mustachio man being Cylinder & Slide's Bill Laughridge? 🙂
    I figured the High Standard's bevel on the hood (right) would help catch the JHP bullet being stripped and ease it into the chamber? I need to get a picture showing the feed ramps side-by-side – I'll add that to the other post.


  2. It wouldn't surprise me to see the Colt feed hollowpoints. The feed ramp is less abrupt than the High Standard is, and that's where most stoppages happen. The 1911 is the King of Feedway Stoppages, according to the man with the cool mustache.


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