Not an Inevitablity…

This used to be a golf course…before that it was pineapples, now it’s a maze of flowers and butterflies. We hiked the upper reaches of the old course to a large pond that was a course water-hazard – it held huge koi fish and ducks a plenty. They get along without much help now.
Across the channel Molokai is shrouded along the top ridge.

Maui Land & Pineapple Company has gone tits-up. The “pine” are no longer in production and people are out of work.

DT Fleming Beach was named after David Fleming who planted the first pineapples up by Kapalua in 1912, and the beach was pretty empty as usual.

Drinks at the Ritz’ outdoor cafe are very spendy (as usual) but the scenery is unparalleled. We were not guests, just party-crashers.

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