Back from Vacation

We went to lunch at a place out by the flight-path to SFO, a golf-course.

Got myself a new lid – got to keep the sun off the scantly clad cranial dome. I got a tad sunburn on Maui. This one comes with very fetching chunky highlights. I look like a surfer-dude from LA. Or an asshloe.

SFO has two runways so planes often come in close to each other, but it’s done all orderly by the flight controllers – mostly.

But these two guys looked set to share the same airspace.

They were a lot closer than they look here – at one point, like, “Wave “Hi!” to the cute stewardess!” I caught them after they separated and leveled-off, the white plane had to veer off right (north) and climb and go around again while the United jet went ahead and landed.

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