Leeteg Tahiti Copy

No Tiki Bar can be without at least even a fake – but even the fakes are a bit expensive.  They used to cost a LOT more than they are now however.
And it’s an official fake-copy by Leeteg’s own marketing Kahuna, the Davis Gallery, so they used the right motifs – especially the red sarong with white aloha print flowers. The Davis Gallery was Barney Davis – who was also known as “Aloha Barney.” He was a heavily tattooed former WWII Submariner who could goldbrick and pull a hustle with the best of them, he became Edgar’s Leeteg’s Colonel Tom Parker, working the art-hustle out of his growing trinket shop in Honolulu, he branded Leeteg The “American Gaugin.” Leeteg himself didn’t cotton to the latest claptrap out of Manhattan.

…The so-called fine arts have been on the skids since the turn of the century, when impressionism was aborted into the birth of all “isms” of abstract painting. Art is, always has been and, if it is to survive, always must be emotional. To make it coldly intellectual by abstractionism and impressionism is to destroy it or mold it into a monstrosity that is better kept locked up in musty museums. I frankly would rather prefer to have my paintings displayed in a gin-mill rather than buried in a repository together with the rest of the dead art, which is where this modern crap will end up.

God I hat cat-fur, it’s hell on black velvet.

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