Evil Party Stupid Party

The Evil Party promised the Stupid Party free pie, and like Charlie Brown with Lucy holding the football, the hungry-for-love stupid party took the bite – it’s cow-pie of course.
As usual, the Evil Party fooled the Stupid Party again.  It’s just too easy to sucker punch blind worms and feeble-minded mollusks, and thus a Republic has fallen. 
243 years was a pretty good run as far as Nations go, better than most. Fallen to greed, avarice, lust, and sloth – the stock-in-trade of the Evil Party against which the spineless fecal-eating maggots of the Stupid Party could not stand – they caved. 
Israel had better look out for it’s own welfare now, the US has had its balls cut off.  In a few years from now, just as relentlessly as in Canada and all across Europe, we’ll be hearing announcements of necessary defense cuts in order to prop up the grossly unsustainable costs of Big Government, while the political class of John Edwards’ real Two Americas builds a monument to itself. I wonder when the law against a Continuing Presidency will be overturned, next year?  We have already joined the ranks of Banana Republics with this craven act.

Judas Iscariot at least I got his 30 pieces of silver and a nice bag. This Stupak idiot didn’t even get the bag. He gets an empty executive promise printed on worthless paper in disappearing ink, an order of no value and with no binding strength – but he gets to talk on the floor of the House. One wonders what bilious shit will vomit up into his mouth and dribble onto the floor between his rotten teeth and forked tongue.

UPDATE: H/T Cbullet at Soylent Green

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11 thoughts on “Evil Party Stupid Party

  1. red – My hope is that, the BIG thing about Evil is it's driven by Pride and a false sense of Self – that arrogance makes it stupid and overreaching. There will be various unintended consequences and that opens a gap for its own destruction, which is what always happens to Evil. So I have some hope too.


  2. My wife and I were discussing this last night. We both have the feeling things are going to get much, much worse. I hope we're wrong.


  3. Thud, C'mon over and help us push this back!
    MikeT – Indeed, Castro and bloated squid-pimple Chavez win, and Putin can go wherever he wants with impunity (heh), and so can Kim Jong Il. There's nothing to stop the barbarian hordes because the Euros won't even help themselves.


  4. I fear for the rest of the world when that time comes. The US military in the hands of a banana republican leader would be one of the greatest tragedies to ever befall the human race.


  5. Reminds me of the punchline to an old hunting joke, “moose shit pie…but good.”

    And, speaking of taste, I see you stole the same art I did.


  6. Well, he'll get to be known as the man who sold out the unborn to the abortionist president….

    Anyone up for a new Continental Congress???


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