Nice Day to Shoot

It was a bit brisk early on, with some high clouds flattening out the color of the sky – but the light was damn near perfect. No mirage or wind.

I shot on Target #8 and did a lousy offhand (52), with some improvements in rapid seated (83) and rapid prone (89), and then settled down to finally clean the black in slow-prone for the first time ever (171).
A nice little group of 4 X’s made me very happy, especially as a triplet was nested nearby in the 10-ring, but the overall score was dragged down by my poor offhand and lackadaisical rapids.

It’s a perishable skill and I’ve missed practice for over a month, but one of these days I’ll make Expert. I hope. There’s a State Match down in Coalinga in April that I might go and shoot. It’s a real 600-yard range and windy, “Expert” won’t happen there.

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  1. It dries out real fast once the rain stops – from Mid April through November. CA is really mostly a desert with some temperate effects, but it's worse in the rain-shadow – Nevada is really a desert!


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