Fall Down Go Boom

The old tree had been leaning out over the lake for years. The lake-side where it grew thickly had not been very well trimmed because nobody went and put a ladder in the water.
With the weight unbalanced the tree leaned, and to contain its leaning a cable between the nearby Birches supported it – and the tree had grown and begun to swallow the cable.
The new Tree-Guy said that the cable threatened the tree and advised its removal, and on a bright sunny day when the rain had paused it was removed.
The next day the rain rain resumed and continued through the night and the sodden ground had little hold on the shallow roots that never penetrated deeply as they were blocked by previous even older tree-roots – and the willow gave way.
In the morning the sun reflected brightly off the neighboring building in through the windows – we had lost our leafy screen.

It’s practically an allegory for the current economic climate and Obamacare.

Some guys from the Tree-Guy Company came and cut up the fallen tree and removed it.
I went and fished out a number of floating branches – they make aspirin out of willow bark and I wondered what that might do to the Ph in the pond. Ponds like this have as many regulations as a swimming pool – more actually – and we have a pond-guy who keeps the filter clean and the microbes balanced. There are no pollywogs or fishes in this lake, but some ducks are attracted to it – and so are raccoons.

Meanwhile back at the ranch I filled some holes and zapped-on some spray texture prior to a light roll of paint.

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8 thoughts on “Fall Down Go Boom

  1. Hey cool Molly!! Hope your season of competition is going well and that the revolver works for you. At least it's more “exercise” than a semi-auto! 🙂

  2. And The Rain…Rain…Rain…Came Down…Down…Down.
    in rushing rising rivlets
    Till the river crept out of its bed

    Your Friend, Molly

  3. Thud – patch and paint. A bunch of pictures came down and another bunch are going up – but not now amid strange patterns of fading.
    Haji – the birch pushed 'em!

  4. Sounds like you have/had a natural pond – this one is all artificial, with a pump, filters, and chemistry and everything. We were lucky they didn't make us fill it in during the drought!

  5. Same thing here. The pond off of our back patio has lost all of the frogs, due to a new shopping center draining thier parking lot into it.
    Still have ducks, but they have most likely killed the pond.
    Tis a shame, but where we live I understand as it is flat and there was nowhere else to drain to.
    Still a bitch though to see it happen.

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