Geekitude – Scratch Disk for Photoshop 7

That empty space is where my old Western Digital Caviar once lived.  In a fit of semi-geekery I removed the old HD (and cable) from my XP-Pro machine and installed it into my new Win-7 box.
At least now Photoshop runs instead of choking since there’s a whole lovely 110-GB partition to act as a scratch disk.  If I had been a real Geek I might have altered the Registry entry so that scratch-disks could be located elsewhere or be virtual – and I wanted to but couldn’t find adequate instructions and it might not work with the way Photoshop 7 is coded. 
I saved myself ($$) from not buying CS – and now I don’t seem to have an Adobe-approved upgrade path – I waited too long and I’m stuck in the past.

Meanwhile Win-7 is interfering with sizing images directly in Blogger.  With XP I was able to click on the above pic and grab a corner to size it – but it’s not happening now.

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  1. Low Scratch Disk problem is common i faced alot this problem even i have 160GB HDD but i m facing the problem when ever i m going to open a heavy file are going to save after work i face the Scratch Disk problem,.

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