Sig Slim-Grips – Fail

I had an issue with my grip on the Sig as far as how desperately I could put a clench on it. The gun felt just a bit full and rolly-poly to me compared to my 1911A1 (and I always figured I had big hands) so I looked around for solutions.

Sig Slim Grips! They arrived in a standard blister type hang-packaged enclosure with logo, lettering and cardboard that appears genuine. Since I bought them on eBay they may be clever fakes made in China by slave-labor.

But I don’t think that’s the case, the seller has a good reputation and a large inventory.  I believe they are factory replacement, and as the legal caveat on the back says, “A qualified gunsmith may need to install this (sic) part.”

First up select the screw-driver bit that fits perfectly, then un-do the grip panels.  Part NEXT: Replace the old ones…Uh waitaminute, the grip screw penetrates through the frame now.

Since the thicker panels aren’t holding it back it extends into the magazine well. Obviously the screws are now too long – the magazine doesn’t like it and won’t go in or out.
Meanwhile the left side grip isn’t quite lining up. The top screw hole places the magazine release cut-out in a tight fit, and cants the bottom screw off to the right. We can fix that.  Grease pencil and Xacto knife to the rescue! Still the results are not real promising even with the screws tightened-down well into the mag-well.

The inner edges pin against each other and flare outward in a v-shaped gap. The inner edge where the grip panels meet impedes on each and needs to be shaved back so they don’t present such a wedgie – and the grip screws need to be relieved of about two full threads so they don’t penetrate into the mag-well.

As it stands in the picture (left) the magazine cannot be employed at all.  If the grips screws are not fully turned-in they leave a gap that displays the hammer spring and strut – and would allow debris to accumulate and tie-up the gun – not an option.

So what now?? I dunno. The gun feels more grippable with the slim grips, but I need to do a bunch more work if I want to get them to fit. And the grip screws need to be shortened by at least two threads.
In stock configuration with the grip-screws cranked down tight they still don’t penetrate into the mag well at all. The slim grips at Sig are not advertised or described as requiring shorter grip-screws and the package does not list them as included either, but they seem very necessary.

Regular grips with stock-length screws that don’t impede into the mag well fit nicely together with no gaps, wedgies, or misalignment.

What seems clear to me now is why modern polymer-frame gun manufacturers are emerging with grip-frames that are designed with removable back-straps and other bits and pieces to suite various sized hands.

It’s easier than re-fitting grips that are a bit wobbly or incompatible without further modifications, sanding and filing and all that old-style craftsmanship.

As always clickez to make the pics mo’bigga.

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12 thoughts on “Sig Slim-Grips – Fail

  1. Did you tell me that once before? Thanks for the additional data point not supplied by Mr. Experience=1. I DO think I have a way of fixing it via Xacto-knife – you remember I am a Authorixed Xacto-Knife Professional.
    You can see the metal mainspring seat in picture #4 – that's what is pushing out the backs of the grips and I can relieve that.
    It's to bad there's no indication anywhere on the Sig site or in the FAQ about that issue – something for which I should have prescient enough to used the services of an Authorized Sig Dealer.


  2. I had screw problems on my wedding night, er… I mean, I had screw problems when I bought the replacement Mak grips. Way too short, I couldn't attach them, so I had to use one out of the old pieces parts can.

    So it's not just Chinese junk anon…


  3. I have a set of genuine sig Slim grips if you want em. They wouldn't fit my gun.

    Apparently Sig's slim grips will not fit any P220 with a metal mainspring seat.

    I tried and they wouldn't fit, although I did get them on the gun w/ different issues than you had here.


  4. So it's all my fault, bad eBay deal, Chinese fakes. I can accept that and I appreciate your anonymity, no reason to put yourself out there.
    I'll go ahead and get another pair – from Sig – and see if they succeed, then I will modify AND retract my assessment. I just never had a problem with other replacement grips, like for 40-year old S&W's or 60-year old Colts, stuff also purchased on eBay.
    Let's give it a try.


  5. Gee…..My slim grips installed just fine; No ass-gap, no shorter screws, and no mag malfunctions. Even if they'd fallen somewhat short, as all things mechanical fall prey to, I doubt that I'd have labeled them “Fail”. THAT was the point; In any other langauge, you'd have missed it just the same…..


  6. I bought a 20-year old Porsche so I expect the warranty has already run-out. Never had any problems changing 40-year old Smith & Wesson or 60-year old Colt grips, or changing oil myself (but it must come from a spezial blend of Bavarian Porschendinosaurier who only died during the Late Porschurrassic).
    Woo! I'll call my friends in Germany (or New Hampshire) and ask whether there are different length Sig-o-Matic Kurzes Greifen Schrauben.
    They're just some freakin' screws – it's not like I can't cut them down myself, but I didn't know it was going to be necessary – which you'd kinda think they might mention somewhere since they sell them without extra screws – but I guess only from an Authorized Dealer who will stamp your Sig Passport and certify that the Warranty isn't violated?
    Still a question as to whether they'll even fit together and cover the hammer-spring given the wedgie and ass-gap that's so obvious.
    But yeh, I don't have a first job so I shouldn't complain.


  7. So….Instead of buying the grips from Sig or an authorized dealer, with whom you may have some reprieve, you pick them up on eBay. And now…you're bitchin' about a few more dollars (that you didn't spend in the first place) for grip screws??? Are you just cheap, or a total cheapskate? You don't buy a Porsche if you can't afford $150 oil changes at the prescribed intervals. No….I'm not rich; I'm just not cheap. Get a second job, or just buy cheaper guns, and accept the performance that accompanies them…..


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