Secret Odin Codes!!

Since I don’t have enough money for a Trijicon Jesus-scope, I took a look at my Swedish made Aimpoint for a secret message. There on the bottom was a Nordic rune!!

11407 #891359 – which obviously translates to the Norse year 1140 and the seventh month in which it is said in the 89th Chapter of the ancient Norse MIÐALDAKVEÐSKAPAR, from the year 1359BC, chapter SKÁLDATAL – 9. og 10., Hornkl 09 Hrólfsdóttir nefju:

Odin gick ut i sanden landet och vävde en korg av blixtnedslag, stulit alla kvinnor och att blod för olja.

So that’s that, the Norse Gods have spoken. Blammo!

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10 thoughts on “Secret Odin Codes!!

  1. Jake – Sorry for the pain!! I am obviously indebted to you, and “scientific” (also “explanation”) was the wrong word to use!
    So kinda like spontaneous combustion, eh?
    But I bet I could convince my hippie sister of the truth – even though it isn't true.


  2. “I believe the Jihadis mix wool with linen all the time – in their SEMTEX underoos. There's an interesting scientific explanation, it's electrifying!”

    Followed the link, and I have only one thing to say: Aaaaauuuuuuggggghhhh! The stupidity!!! It burns!!!!

    “You can measure the electricity in the human body in an electrical measurement called angstroms.”

    WTF? Electricity can be measured with units of distance? (1 Angstrom = 0.1 nanometers.)

    “Wool on the other hand will also boost the body's electricity to 5000 angstroms but with an opposite polarity.”

    Distance has polarity?

    “This is not harmful unless you mix the two, in which case, being of opposite polarity they cancel each other out and the bodies electricity drops to “0” causing the symptoms outlined above. Those symptoms can lead to a condition known as hypovolemic shock. “

    Hypovolemic shock is caused by a lack of blood volume (hypo = low, volemic = volume). It happens when you bleed a lot. An electrical imbalance can only cause hypovolemic shock if it sets off the previously mentioned SEMTEX underoos, causing a sudden shift of blood from inside the blood vessels to the walls.


  3. Red – That sonic-blaster LRAD thing the Army and Navy has better have something from Joshua written on it!

    I believe the Jihadis mix wool with linen all the time – in their SEMTEX underoos. There's an interesting scientific explanation, it's electrifying!


  4. Odin working out in the sand country and vävde a korg of blixtnedslag, stulit all women and that blood for oil.

    “It's gone, McCready.”


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