Lights! Lasers! Action!

Since doo-dooing up my rail with a light and stubby grip I’ve been paying a bit of attention to the subject, and mostly to the Crimson Trace “modular vertical foregrip” that contains all three juice-boxes.  And the price seems reasonable once you get past the MSRP and find one from somewhere around $340 or less.

Today I got some MilSpam from a new TSPO (Tactical Shooty Playa Operator) out in New Hamsha called iTac Defense.

Introducing iTAC DEFENSE – a new and innovative line of tactical accessories, built for serious shooters and law enforcement professionals. iTAC engineers studied elite military forces to create the most intelligently designed holsters, magazine pouches, lights, lasers, and other tactical shooting accessories. Produced from extremely durable materials, iTAC DEFENSE tactical accessories are rugged, reliable, and affordable.

They’s got a Christmasy Sale going-on, featuring hot deals on a flashlight starting today until the 24th of this month. For the flashlight it’s:MSRP $99
Now only $69.95 each!

And they got some other stuff: holsters, mag pouches, magazines, sights – an interesting HK kinda looking diopter rear AR sight. The common stuff from Sig (paddle holster) has the Sig logo and looks like Sig-stuff. But they’re in New Hampshire too so so it figures they’re a re-seller besides innovater…
And then when I flipped to their website it seems they have a SuperbeleuctungLaserHandvorvergrifener  – and at a remarkably cheap preis of only $229.95 – and it looks familiar but I’m not sure about the claims of an LED that emits in excess of 700 lumen* of light.
That’s a butt-load of pokin’ in the eye. However it takes four (4) CR123 Lithium batteries and that can do the trick.
Anybody recognize this bad, eye-pokey-boy?  It could be the deal of the century – or not.  Or whatever. I dunno.

Ok nevermind I figured it out, it’s Sig-stuff. And at a good price – and that’s where they got my email.


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4 thoughts on “Lights! Lasers! Action!

  1. LED or not, I have to wonder about 700 lumens coming out of what appears to be a plastic housing. Still, though, if you need a way to blind a midnight intruder, that would bloody well do it.

  2. I don't mind the spamishness of some unsolicited email when it falls into my likable category.
    Seems to me Sig (or the mfg.) is trying to develop another channel for their wares absent the Sig logo.

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