Sig .22LR Conversion Upper

Pictures are clickable.

At the heart is a mini Sig ramped barrel – so cute.

It fits together like a regular sig – but the guide-rod is polymer.

It has adjustable sights that are better than the fixed sights on my P220.

We’ll just have to see how it runs with the polymer .22LR magazine.

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3 thoughts on “Sig .22LR Conversion Upper

  1. Looks good. Hope it runs like a Swiss watch for you.

    Don't know how much .22 rimfire shooting you do, but some of the guns can be…finicky with the ammo choice. I'm sure you know this, but I mention this only because of my considerable collection of rimfire ammo that collects dust, since I am willing to try most any brand or loading in my modest collection of autoloading lead dispensers.

    Recently, I acquired a family heirloom of sorts, a pre-war Marlin 100, a single shot, which will see considerable use in the coming years. If for no other reason, it can pretty much shoot any of the odd stuff that simply will not feed, extract, eject or cycle in any way in my autos.

    Looking forward to it. Hope you enjoy your rimfire sessions as much as I do. Enjoy, sir.


  2. Mine runs real good on the P226 – highly recommended.

    As a bonus, I bought a thread adapter to run my suppressor on the .22 conversion's threaded barrel!

    Still looking to find a thread protector for it though … maybe A Keyboard and a .45 can make another one for me.


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