Happy Hannukah!

It’s a festival of lights, a thanksgiving, commemorating the re-dedication of The Holy Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabeean revolt in the 2nd Century BC, who fought the tyrant Antiochus IV Epiphanes who desecrated the temple’s oil.  Light one candle on your Menorah tonight, if you’ve got one. 🙂

Menorah Lighting Instructions

Me, I’d like to thank Alan Gura for a fine year, and especially for his dedication to the civil-rights of gun owners, and wish him Happy Hannukah and good luck in the upcoming year.  Toda raba

Maybe I’ll pop over to Andronico’s and pick-up a bottle of He’brew Jewbelation Ale to celebrate.  It’s made by Schmaltz Brewing, a small company that started in San Francisco and it’s good stuff.

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11 thoughts on “Happy Hannukah!

  1. Red – As an advocate for Total Global Hegemony I gotta say that lately the Jooish Tyranny just isn't cutting it. An ad-campaign would help, hook-up with Twitter for more exposure, and get a booth at the next big Hegemon Show in Vegas with some hot booth-babes!


  2. I still want my “Evil Joos” patch. I keep my Jewish Tyranny out in the open! There really is no hope that the morons will ever learn is there?

    Chag Sameach!


  3. Scott, you're not saying it right. It's daaaa joooozzzz. Slouch over, stick your jaw out as far as it can go and drawl and slur like a mofo to get it right.


  4. Yeah anonymous!!! Just think all those evil Joos have been stealing all those Nobel prizes for inventing stuff that have benefited everyone. Oh wait, you're right. The Joos haven't done anything for anyone, it's the fakestinians who really deserve the credit….

    (nsert eyeroll smilie here)


  5. Jews are the enemy of all Nations and they have done nothing but harm to the USA.

    Leftwing, Rightwing…all the same under Jewish Tyrany.


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