Snowcapped Mountains

We awoke to be surrounded by low mountains topped with snow.  Unusual to say the least for a warm and wet maritime region like the BayArea — but maybe we should just shut-up about how cold it is and how odd that it is so cold.  Like it was last year too.  And the year before.  In fact for the past eight years at least.

You can always tell a Global Warmingist – but you can’t tell ’em much.

I’m sure glad Algore and all those guys in Carbonhagen are having a rough time with nuts and bolts of Global Warming, or Climate Change, or whatever they’v cooked-up for us today at the Big Jet-Set Euro Climate Hootenanny…

Oh yeh, the last time I remember actual snow on the ground was around 1967, when The Next Ice Age was the impending disaster de-jour.

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7 thoughts on “Snowcapped Mountains

  1. SteveH – Did you ever do the ride-down thing? We did once and it was fun, but they speed-controlled the top-half a lot – and with a tiny sprocket on the front you can't really haul – but Part-II slip-streaming into Paia was fun. It still amazes me that you can to from 0 to 10k feet in such a small space as that island.


  2. We were up on Haleakala last March; cold and wet at 10,000'. Saw a small group of cyclists make their way up to the top. Ghastly conditions for a ride.

    The Nene were friendly, though.


  3. Seems the same storm is gonna sweep across to the east coast wrecking havoc! It snowed once down to the ground here when I was about five – back in the winter of '63, Dad rolled up a snowman on the lawn in Palo Alto.

    It's cold on Maui even in the summer – up on Haleakala! We noticed it was a cold May there this year, people were sayin' they'd never seen it so cold. Had to buy long-sleeved t-shirts! 🙂


  4. And it looks like we're going to get another dose later this week.

    Truly, digging out weeds is a lot nicer when it's not so colder. (And my daughter in Minnesota laughs at that. Her sister on Maui shivers. What you're used to, I guess.)


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