Merry Christmas Bow-wow! Meow-meow!

In a departure this year from annual gift-giving, my wife decided that for Part-1, the good Doggies and Kitties at the local Society would get Holiday treats; blankies, wubbies, used towels, and chew-toys and plush mice, Following their Donations list we went out and purchased about $400 worth of stuff, including peanut-butter to stuff in the super-indestructable “Kong” toys. And wee-wee pads.  I’m now a member of PertSmart’s buyer’s club and we don’t even have any pets.

We agonized over seventeen dog sweaters – which colors we should pick? Sizes? Later I remember something about dogs’ eyesight, they’re color-blind. Well, ok not totally but evolution has left them far less acute than human primates. They make up for it in their keen sense of smell – for which I am thankful. I really wouldn’t want to smell all the stuff out there that they find such a rich delight in smelling – not unless I was a dog and could roll in it too.

We delivered it today, rather anonymously as they had the bins for the donated materials sorta around back. That’s fine, no solicitation letters will follow us around.  We walked around the dog park and enjoyed the new grounds of the facility – it’s really state-of-the-art – and with fake “eternal” grass for dog-frolic!  Cleans-up easier I guess and you don’t have to water it – unless you’re doing some “spot cleaning!” 🙂

Next up, Part-2

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