Proving that “Global Warming” has more in common with Scientology than Science and that Al-Gore has more in common with El-Ron as a fabricator of a devious religious methodology to extract funds from gullible True Believers, the shrill cries of “Heretic!” and “Unbeliever!” whistle from the mouths of the Climate Priests and the Papal Climate Protectorate who demand consensus – or the bonfire.
With those chosen terms, the voice of Climate Religion is revealed across the land.
The Papal Summit in Copenhagen will reveal the political Truth, and it has nothing to do with Science.
Meanwhile The Media has so heavily bought-into advancing this secular religion that it cannot easily or in any direction extract itself – which may be the final nail it its own coffin of lies.  It has no exit-strategy, while the ship it is on (and helped build) sails over the falls.
Indeed as Armed and Dangerous illustrates:

In response to the mounting evidence of fraud, data falsification, and criminal conspiracy by the “hockey team” clique of climatologists pushing anthropogenic-global-warming (AGW) theory, there has been serious and concerned speculation that the collapse of this scam may damage the credibility of science in general.

BorePatch also has some good coverage leading to The Devil’s Kitchen and (among other excellent points) the utter failure of the MSM to grasp or comment on the significance of this precipitous event – that they are members of a cult becomes more obvious.
Politicians are attracted to it because as policy-makers they get to become instant Priests, and guide to themselves large chunks of money and power – bigger even than Murtha’s double-dealing, earmarks, and corruption.
That’s also why this Administration is so committed to the objectives of Cap-and-Trade, as it makes for a rich environment where slush-funds, political patronage, and thuggish power-politics smoothly operate.

Hell, even the French have figured out it’s a scam.


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  1. Nice place Dirt. Love the header. I used to think I could write stuff like that on acid–but then the next day I'd find illegible scribblings. Ah, well.
    Anyway, given the tone of the comment above, you may want to check out a post of mine from before the CRU hit the fan for a chuckle. Look for “The Gospel of McGoo.” If you want in on the continuation of the plot let me know.

  2. The Ten Commandments According to the Al Gore
    (In truth, there are 11, but that’s Al for you)
    1. I am the Al your Gore, creator of the internet; you shall not listen to climate scientists who do not agree with me, for these use data that is unclean and may contain references that fail to fit my master plan.
    2. You shall not take the name of the Al, thy Gore in vain.
    3. Pay no attention to the emails behind the curtain, for Global Warming is real, and trust me on this – I am completely objective even though Global Warming is making me filthy rich.
    4. Remember to keep holy the Earth day: Drive only a Compact Hybrid, and know that I will be watching you from heaven (in my private jet).
    5. Honor your father Al and your mother Tipper – You owe us Big Time, for without the Al Gore and his Tipper, the Earth would slip er..
    6. You shall not kill – any climate change bills for these are the manna from heaven that sustains the Al Gore and makes Tipper go flipper.
    7. You shall not commit adultery, or more importantly, screw me out of carbon credits – I invented the idea, so these belong to the Al Gore alone; But, if you must, go forth and create your own scam.
    8. You shall not steal – That is my job.
    9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor, unless he disagrees with human caused global warming, in which case feel free to trash his character.
    10. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife because she may have voted for the Al Gore.
    11. You shall not covet you neighbor's goods, because these will be exchanged for carbon credits (See Commandment #7)
    … and when the tablets were completed, the Al Gore looked down upon the millions, dreamed of untold billions, and thought the scam was good.

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