EcoWeenie Lead Ammo Lawsuit Alert

From my NRA Members’ Councils of California I got an alert that the morons who make up the so-called “Center for Biological Diversity” have plotted a lawsuit of leverage against the BLM and the Fish & Wildlife Service – two agencies already heavily infiltrated by tree-huggers, enviro’tards and eco-taliban.
They are alleging that the agencies have “illegally” mismanaged federal lands in Arizona by not considering the *potential impact* on local wildlife resulting from legal and authorized activities, including livestock grazing and off-road vehicle use. Sheesh. They further claim that California condors in Arizona are becoming ill or dying as a result of scavenging carcasses with lead ammo.
Because the NRA has been at the forefront of debunking the fakery, made-up statistics, and outright lies behind the theory that lead bullets are responsible for condor failure, and because NRA attorneys in California recently defeated a proposed state hunting regulation that was based on the unproven condor/lead bullets link (rooted in “pseudo-science,” as one California Fish and Game Commissioner described it), they have asked to join the lawsuit and kick some hippie ass.
Check out the link at California Gun Laws.

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2 thoughts on “EcoWeenie Lead Ammo Lawsuit Alert

  1. And the stupid condor wouldn't be endangered if it weren't out on the trailing limb of a marginal, lingering, Darwinian fallacy – it's genetically toast.
    Coyotes, crows, and other carrion digestors such have no such affectionate protectors even if killed in numbers.


  2. Sigh. It always perplexes me that the lead poisoning is limited to the California Condor. Coyotes, crows and ravens all eat carrion too – including carrion that has been put down with lead bullets (Carrion eaters by definition are not particularly picky eaters). Why are these species not endangered for the same reason? I hate it when politics infects science with it's stink.


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