New Magazine for February’s Child

Somehow in the research leading up to purchase and afterward I managed to find-out that the serial number of my ’43 1911A1 indicates a February-something date of manufacture.  I forget how that came about, my copy of Clawson’s book (3rd edition) isn’t explicit about it — possibly the CSP board or maybe from Ty at Coolgunsite.   Anyhow I finally bought another magazine – a Kimber Kimpro Tac-Mag – woot!  “Fits Most 1911’s” and 8-rounds.  Nice baseplate, sturdy construction with a solid feel, comes with a Frankenstein Boot or a Chuck Taylor to attach to the base – and a spare base besides. I’m not even going there with the bases on the old girl.  Yet I was assured that this is how the Modern Pistol operates best, and with an improved follower, etc. but the muscle guy behind the gun counter had too many tattoos.
Meanwhile the Magazine it impresses on first impressions, however with eight in the stack it does not easily and positively go *snick* and stay put. Downloaded to 7-rounds and the engagement is positive. I am reminded of a Louis Awerbuck column in the March ’09 SWAT magazine titled “Lube Job” wherein he ponders sweating the small stuff and the causes of defensive pistol malfunctions, the small cascade of events that leads to disaster – where he says,

“If Moses designed a seven-round magazine make sure your high-dollar eight-round magazines all function reliably. Seven-plus-one is better than “maybe” eight-plus-one. In some of the eight-rounders you have to use brute force to insert the eighth round into the magazine. (side-note: loading 8 is easy enough, but…)
Which means you have no free-play in the magazine spring. Which means you have to forcefully slam the magazine into the magazine well to get it to seat with the slide forward. Which means the bullet ogive is dragging on the underside of the slide during slide cycle. Which means the slide is traveling slower than it was designed to do. Which means you can cause a malfunction on the first round fired.

So ok, downloaded to 7-rounds and it seats fine. Why is that so hard? Why can’t I find a standard base-plate lip 7-rounder magazine anywhere?  Sheesh.


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4 thoughts on “New Magazine for February’s Child

  1. Ordered one Chip thru Midway, also a 7-round version of this that looks identical to a Metalform with the removeable baseplate and everything (see above link) which also has a huge price-tag unless ordered in bulk.

  2. Pick up a Chip McCormick Power Mag to try. They work well in both of my 1911's, especially the more finicky Kimber. Kimber mags are essentially copies of the CMC mags, since their pistol was originally designed by him. Yeah, it's not an accident that Kimbers had so many CMC parts on the Series I guns.

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