Are LaRouchers Wookie-Suiters?

Seen outside the Post Office, a black dude and a white dude with a table to which was a attached a poster of our Fearless leader wearing the Schickelgruber Mustachio with the slogan “I’ve Changed” alongside the society-cleansing “Golly, Lets Go to Mars!” poster — almost exactly as noticed by Milblogger (and Project ValourIT supporter)  This Aint Hell But You can See it From Here.

Are these perennial Democrat twinkies the back-side of Paulians?  I dunno what gives with this kind of confusion.  Tinfoil knows no boundaries, and the Left is permanently confused about its own genesis if nothing else…


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7 thoughts on “Are LaRouchers Wookie-Suiters?

  1. I met a couple of these chaps in the street a couple of weeks ago and had an interesting chat about me single handedly resurecting the British Empire…I was amused…they confused.

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